Pine Mountain Walks

  “PINE MOUNTAIN ART WALKS: Four Seasons, Five Senses And Time”

A Wild Places Creative project by artist Zoé Strecker

Route, instructions, art materials, guidance and on-site artist talk.

Pine Mountain Walk #1:

Bad Branch State Nature Preserve, Saturday, October 18, from 11am – 3 pm

Easy hike to a waterfall

Click here to sign up for the walk.

Click HERE for a map to the site.

Pine Mountain Walk #2:

Blanton Forest State Nature Preserve, Sunday, October 19, 11am – 3 pm

Moderate hike to an overlook called Knobby Rock

Click here to sign up for the walk. 

Click HERE for a map to the site and HERE for the Kentucky State Nature Preserve information link.

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Walks take place on established trails.

Wear hiking boots or good walking shoes. Pack light rain gear.

Please bring your own water bottles and backpack or bag for other supplies.


If there is a threat of severe weather, trip will be postponed; you’ll get email notification.


FREE for participants. Any donation is welcome and $25 is recommended.  Payment can be made in person on the day of the walk with cash, check or by credit card (through Square Register) via the link on the sign up page  above.   Family or group donations of any amount are welcome.


Optional $12 box lunch.  Sign up above.  Payment can be made in person on the day of the walk with cash, check or by credit card (through Square Register) via the link on the sign up page above.

You may choose to bring your own lunch and/or snacks.


Click HERE for a list of places to stay with links



Walking is a way of transforming the abstraction of a map into an embodied experience of place that is subjective and physical. For this project, the artist has created specific walking protocols that participants will follow during half-day walks through old growth forests on Pine Mountain in southeastern Kentucky in Bad Branch and Blanton Forest State Nature Preserves.

This creative mapping project adopts a scientific “transect” mindset without strictly employing its methods. While a botanist or an urban planner might move in a straight line to analyze a territory, participants in this art walk will engage in activities that have more in common with meditative observation practices and, perhaps, scavenger hunts.

Documentation of individual physical, intellectual and sensual experiences will be drawn into a collective artifact that will be keyed to a more conventional map that will, in turn, create an evolving document of the territory along Pine Mountain.

The first Pine Mountain walks will take place October 18th and 19th, 2014. Additional walks will be scheduled for Winter, Spring and Summer of 2015.

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